Is the Dynki Deli really open to anyone in the community?

Yes! Serving a menu powered by the Illinois Street Food Emporium, the Dynki Deli is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11a to 1p (or until all lunches are served. Income-qualified residents aged 60+ years of age eat for a reduced cost. For more information, or to check the availability of menu items, call 317.637.4376.

Do I have to register or enroll?

Older adult enrichment participants will register during their first session; thereafter, it is a drop-in program and registered participants may attend whenever they would like.

Can you help me find employment?

Yes. Our Family Social Services Department is also available to help update your resume, apply for jobs online, and prepare for interviews.

Can you help me with my utilities?

The IndyEAP program provides financial assistance to eligible families from October-May. If you have questions, need help applying, or need additional assistance, please contact our Family Social Services Department at 317-637-4376.

Can you help me with my rent?

It depends on several factors. Please reach out to our Family Social Services program manager, Dana Orr, at 317.637.4376 or for more information.

Do you have a food pantry?

No. We do not have a food pantry, but we are able to provide referrals to local resources. Please contact our Family Social Services Department.

Do you provide snacks and meals to child and youth participants?

Yes. Concord serves morning and afternoon snacks to early learning students. School-aged youth receive afternoon snacks, and lunch when school is closed. Meals are provided at no cost. Due to the CACFP contract, you may not bring your child’s lunch unless there is a documented medical reason.