Your presence…is a present.

Volunteers support our work through the gift of time, allowing us to impact more people, form deeper relationships, and respond to community needs in new and different ways.

Special Skills Volunteers

Do you have a professional skillset, personal passion, or unique interest that could benefit Southside residents? We are especially interested in people who are skilled in:

  • photography
  • early elementary education
  • data entry and reception
  • nutrition management
  • sewing, painting, and S.T.E.M. subjects
  • facility upkeep/routine maintenance
Academic Tutoring

Concord is always looking for academic tutors to provide one-on-one support to elementary students. Previous experience is not required, but individuals must be able to commit one hour per week for at least one academic semester.

Large and Corporate Groups

In the warmer months (March-October), volunteers are needed to help with outdoor chores-like weeding garden beds, spreading much, and keeping our outdoor spaces accessible and clean. And these chores aren’t just at Concord—we leverage volunteer support to help older adult households maintain their outdoor spaces to bolster household—and community-wide—support.

If you are part of a corporate group interested in giving back, please email Hallie at for more information. At this time, we are not able to accommodate groups larger than 15 people.

Please note, all volunteers must consent to a background check and complete an enrollment form prior to working with Concord participants.

Attend an Event


Show off all the random facts and information you’ve gleaned since the start of COVID-19 and support Concord at the same time. We’re partnering with Hambone’s Trivia to provide an all-ages, family friendly event in late 2024. Want to be the first to know about formal plans? Sign up for our emails at the bottom of this page.