Perpetuate your impact by including Concord Center in your planned giving.

The Earl W. Coss Society

In 2014, Earl Coss, a lifelong Southside resident and long-time Concord employee, left his estate to Concord Neighborhood Center. His gift represented the largest individual donation in the agency’s history and catalyzed a new era of legacy giving. The value of Earl’s estate, comprised of a 100-year-old home, life insurance policies, and household goods, was ultimately invested into Concord’s endowment, meaning that it will benefit families for decades to come.

In honor of our founding donor, our planned giving program is named the Earl W. Coss Society. Planned, or legacy, gifts are different than cash or in-kind donations. Such gifts are pledged now, but awarded at a later date, often through designations in an estate. Examples of planned gifts often include (but are not limited to): property, life insurance, and stock. It is also common for families to pledge a percentage of their estate. If you would like to discuss our planned giving program further, please contact Niki Girls at or 317-637-4376 x: 2111. If you are interested in pledging a legacy gift to Concord, please complete and submit the enrollment form.

Planned Giving Enrollment Form

We are pleased to recognize the following individuals and families for their enrollment in the Earl W. Coss Society.

  • Mary and Marty Dusel
  • Cill Flanary
  • Niki Girls
  • Steve Powell