The Research

In 2015, the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI issued a report, Worlds Apart, about life expectancy in the metro-Indy region. The lead professor found that residents of Indianapolis’s ZIP 46225, where Concord is located, reported the lowest life expectancy of all ZIPs studied.

In the year’s since, Concord has established a partnership with the lead professor of Worlds Apart to conduct our own research and begin to develop a strategy to improve public health for all residents. Through this partnership, we have conducted additional research, interviewed residents of all ages, and completed an assessment of the area’s assets. This research has culminated in a more extensive report that we are pleased to share with the community as four infographics, each of which focuses on a specific public health topic that we believe may be contributing to the neighborhood’s health outcomes. We look forward to continuing our work in the years to come. Please check back for updates.



The Research Briefs

Using the Worlds Apart and Worlds Further Apart research, we have developed four infographics that focus on common public health themes: Housing, Health, Mental Wellbeing, and Social Connection.

The Resources

At the conclusion of each public health infographic, we provided ideas, strategies, and resources that can help improve the public health outcomes for all. They include:

    • Getting to know your neighbors;
    • Visiting the local libraries or signing up for a recreational activity, like those we offer at Concord;
    • Reading the local newspaper, like the Southside Times or Southsider Voice, to learn about local events;
    • Contacting your representatives to let your voice be heard! Search for your Elected Official or Council Representative
    • Contacting the Fair Housing Center
    • Connecting with the Indy Housing Agency, LISC Indianapolis, Missing Middle Indianapolis, or the Black Developer Growth Initiative
    • Visiting the Marion County Nutrition Services newsletter 
    • Visiting Marketplace, Indiana HIP, FSSA for information on good health insurance
    • Learning more about public health initiatives in your community.
    • Ask a neighbor to go on a walk
    • Knowing where to find mental health services
    • Learning and sharing facts about mental health, especially if you hear something not true. Building resilience, loving unconditionally, and learning stress management techniques can help us and others navigate stressful situations that feel out of control.