Early learning families are welcome in the early childhood education center whenever their child is in our care.

Children, teachers, and adult caregivers do best when everyone participates in the early learning experience—we encourage family-level involvement! Our Center abides by provider eligibility standards that are set by the federal, state and local government.

Visit the classroom and prepare a favorite recipe with the children (young cooks enjoy making everything from hummus to soups). Read a book to the children and invite them to draw pictures or act out the storyline. Bring in materials for a craft activity (turn odd socks into puppets; make simple origami fans by folding paper; or give children recycled objects such as plastic lids, wrapping paper, ribbons, buttons, etc. to see what they create). Other favorites are planting seeds or small plants in cups; making classroom recycling bins; or sharing artifacts from your culture.

Drop-in visits are always welcome; families must schedule ahead if they wish to volunteer or lead program activities.